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, a one man IT consultant company for you who need a developer who loves what he is doing and take a pride in there work.

Jan Johansson is a senior fullstack developer with focus on Backend .NET. He has over 10 years experience since he left University but has been coding since 2001.

If you want a developer where coding is not just a job but a life style he is your guy.


C#,.NET CORE,.NET,XML,MVC,WebAPI,REST,SOAP,OpenApi,Swagger,ADO.NET,Dapper,Entity frameworks,Dependency Injection,Microservices,BFF,Hexagon,Azure,ServicebusAWS,SQS,RabbitMQ,IBM MQ,Kafka,S3,Docker,K8S,JavaScript,HTML,CSS,ASP.NET,PHP,Bootstrap,Webforms m.fl.




Kibana,Splunk,Jira,Github,Gitlab,TeamCity,Octopus,Azure DevOps,Jenkins,Visual Studio,Visual Studio Code,Postman,SQL management studio,DBeaver


Srum,Kanban,Agile,Agile Release Trains (ART),Spotify Agile Model,Waterfall

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Tech Lead Developer 2022 -
Backend Developer 2021 -

SEB är en av de största bankerna i Norden med över 4 miljoner private kunder och 400 000 affärskunder.

The Swedish banking industry is going through the biggest IT infrastructure transformation in 30 years. The old Mainframe kobolt systems needs to be replaced with modern systems that can handle direct payments and new banking transaction standards.

I work in the "Payment Management Reporting" system. This is at the center of it all and will in the future handle all payments going through SEB. While multiple other system integrate with other banks and flows they all will report to us, we store the payment, keep track of the status and report it to who ever needs to know.

We are a one stop shop when an app or services need to know the current status on a payment or manage it, ex cancel it, repair it or similar, since we are the once who know the status and in what subsystem the payment currently resides in.

Some of the big challenges with the assignment is speed and scalability, come payday when millions upon millions of transactions need to be processed in a short period. Stability, redundancy is a must, not one single transaction may be lost and a fail over and recovery plan is key.

Some of the tecnolages used is: The latest .NET versions (Microsoft has dropped the core naming from the latest versions) in a MicroService architecture with multiple types of message queues like RabbitMQ, IBM MQ, Kafka. We use Swagger, OpenApi, YML, REST, MsSql, xunit, Splunk, K8S, Docker, AzureDevOps and much more. Quality and security is key and testing is a natural and important part of development.

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Backend Developer 2018 - 2021

Sinch is a fast growing telecommunication and SaaS company. The team I worked in developped the Video and Voice chat SDK

If you want video or voice Real Time Communication (RTC) capability in your app (think Skype, Messenger or any other app where you can call your friends and ether do video or voice chat). Then simply pull in our SDK and let us take care of everything else. You can even do data calls to/from your app to/from normal land line phones.

During my assignment we rebuilt the whole backend application. The goal was to make it scale better and migrated from OnPrem to docker containers running in AWS.

Since latency is a big concern when working with video/voice communication the placement of the servers matter. And when multiple of the largest global tech gigant is you costumers you need to be able to provide access points all over the world. This is why running things in docker spread out in AWS data centers all over the world is a natural choice

But having containers running all over the globe causes it's own set of challanges. For example how do you make sure all data in all containers is up to date when they are located half a world appart?

One of the most fun thing with working at Sinch was all the different technologies that was used to solve different problems.

Some of the tecnolages used is: C#, .NET CORE, .NET 5, AWS, SQS, S3, DynamoDB, MsSql, MySql/Aurora, Casandra, Redis, XUnit, NUnit, Jenkins, Autofac, Kibana, DataDog, TeamCity, Docker, REST-apier, Jira, async flows, thread safety and much more.

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Backend Lead Developer 2017 - 2018
Full Stack Developer 2015 - 2017

Tele2 is the second larges mobile phone provider with 4 million costumers in Sweden alone. It also has subsidiaries in a multitude of other europeen countries.

The department I was working in was responsible for the website and self service for Tele2 Residential/Business and Comviq. We where also responsible to provide the APIs for the apps

Anything we did had an direct impact on the costumer experence and ease of use. Our work also saved Tele2 big sums of money since costumers no longer needs to call in to support or visit a store location.

Working at Tele2 comes with two big challanges. The first one is, how do you speed up your APIs with caching and clever work arounds to give costumers a good experience when the systems you are relient on, to fetch data from, is old, slow and not built for the high trafic on demand type of requests our APIs is supposed to provide.

The second challange Tele2 offered was one of high velocity. The telecom market is an ever changing one and Tele2 prides it self to be in the forfront. This meant that new campains and offerings could come with short notice and the APIs, website and apps needs to be up and ready when the multi milion kronor campain rolles out in a month or two. It is not an option to miss the deadline.

Thankfully we used a true MicroService architecture which made it easy to change and scale components. It also makes it easier to have a high velocity since you can add more developers come crunch time, without everyone working on top of each other in the same project causing a nightmare come merge.

Some of the tecnolages used is: C#, TeamCity, Octopus, Autofac, Log4Net, Azure Service Bus, Entity framwork, SQL Server och procedures, Dapper, Unit-tester, REST-apier, SOAP-apier, EPiServer in the frontend layer, Jira, Micro Services, Threadings and Tasks with an async flow for most of the methods

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Full Stack Developer 2014 - 2015

Plejmo/Film2Home used to be a leading VOD (Video On Demand) service for movies in the Nordic countries. The user was able to rent movies without and monthly fees and only pay 3-49:- per movie depending on its popularity.

When I started at Film2Home we were entering an expansive phase and was in the middle of developing our new platform Plejmo. It was a high tempo atmosphere with deploys every Tusday to get out new features as soon as posible. Constantly altering the site based on usertesting and statistics.

To enable such freequent deploys with a small team, lacking both dedicated tester and QA, we heavely relied on automated tests, built with nUnit and Specflow (for UI/Unit-tests).

Sadly our team of 3 developers, one only doing backend, one focusing only on CSS, HTML and SEO and me as a Full Stack handling all JavaScript and working backend and some other frontend, was not able to compeate with the big boys like Netflix and the company went bankrupped about one year after me working there.

Most development was made in .NET/C# but we also used EpiServer to make it easy for the content/marketing-team to edit webpages. Database mapping was done with NHibernate and Dapper. The clientside we used HTML 5 and JavaScript for things such as search, ChromeCast and so on. For the design we used Less and the admin system also used Bootstrap.

Some of the tecnolages used was: .NET/C#, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS, SQL Server, nUnit, Specflow, Bootstrap, EPiServer

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Full Stack Developer 2010 - 2014

Chinsay is an internate based charter party contract manager and editor for the shipping industry. The best description of the product is a combination of Word meeting Wikipedias audit trail meeting an internet bank.

During most of my time working at Chinsay, the IT department consisted of me, a senior developer and a CTO. We handled evrything from designing the application, to front-end, to back-end to taking care of the servers, physically going to them to change harddrives or other equpment. And this for a product that had 170 costumers on 6 continents with an SLA of 24/7 accessibility.

The whole product was extremely JavaScript heavy since the goal was to offer a desktop application experience in the browser. Other then continuously devlop the main application I also developed an AdminCRM tool for the sales and support department. With this tool the support department was able so solve most of the costumers needs, create contract tempates for the main system and generate graphs and excel sheets with all kinds of statistics.

An other product I was responsible for was a KPI tool where the managment of our costumers in a graphical way could see there employes and counterparties performance. The client side of this was written in Flash and ActionScript, that is how old I am.

Some of the tecnolages used was: .NET/C#, ASP.NET MVC, Webforms, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, JavaScript, JsLint, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, Flash, ActionScript, CSS, XHTML

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